Euroskin Grafik


The aims, structure, rules and responsibilities of EUROSKIN are set out in its Constitution.

Amendment of the statutes in 2011

Like every society we are subject to changes and thus the statutes of the item “council, article 12 “ had been adapted.

Caused by the composition of international and worldwide members of EUROSKIN this update reduces difficulties in arranging time schedules for the General Annual Meetings and as well reduces the expenditure of travelling and travel costs. The update is adapting to the modern possibilities of sending around fast information, discussing and voting items of the society by modern means. To read the full version of article 12 just click on the download of constitution 2011.


Constitution PDF [295 KB] from December 2018

Constitution PDF [31 KB] from Juli 2011

Constitution PDF [26 KB] from June 18th 1999