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Useful Links

Please find below links to the following resources

Sun Smart: „ Melanoma skin cancer is now the most common cancer „ Link
"Solar Ultraviolet Radiation - Global burden of disease from solar ultraviolet radiation "Environmental Burden of Disease Series, No. 13 Link
The World Health Organization Intersun Project Link
BfS UV-Index sunburn (Germany and worldwide) Link
WHO Factsheet on Sunbeds, Tanning and UV Exposure Link
WHO Sun protection and Schools Education Package Link
WHO Artificial Tanning and Sunbeds Link
International Recommendations on UVR Link
WHO Factsheets on UVR Link
WHO Advice sunprotection to Tourists Link
ICNIRP UVR Exposure Guidelines Link
ICNIRP Statement_ protection of workers against ultraviolet radiation
Global Solar UV Index Link
„Vitamin D and Cancer“
Robert Koch Institut : „ vitamin D- study " from B. Hintzpeter Link
American Academy of Dermatology: ABCDEs of melanoma detection Link
GMES, Global Monitoring for Environment and Security Link
Gesellschaft der epidemiologischen Krebsregister in Deutschland e.V. /GEKID Link