Euroskin Grafik

Welcome at EUROSKIN

EUROSKIN is an independent non-profit making scientific society, whose principal aims are to reduce the incidence and mortality of skin cancer. It sets out to achieve this through the promotion and co-ordination of collaborative actions between European professionals active in the fields of primary and/or secondary prevention. These include, for example, dermatologists, epidemiologists, biologists, physicists and other professionals with an interest in these aims.

In carrying out its aims, EUROSKIN publishes articles and organises workshops and conferences. From these come scientific status reports and recommendations towards:

Primary prevention by

  • promotion of scientific studies relevant to primary prevention
  • development, promotion and evaluation of effective information
  • promotion and development of solar UVR monitoring programmes
  • promotion of harmonisation of information programmes throughout Europe.

Secondary Prevention by

  • development, promotion and evaluation of effective strategies for secondary prevention of skin cancer
  • promoting population based skin cancer registration, harmonisation of classification and other activities, essential to the evaluation of secondary prevention
  • a harmonised approach to the application of guidelines

In achieving the above aims, EUROSKIN works closely with its national, European and global Partners in Prevention.