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EUROSKIN was founded on the 18th of June 1999 in Frankfurt/Main Germany as a non-profit making body as defined under German Law. It is scientifically independent and is funded through grants from national cancer and other societies and individual membership subscriptions. Members of EUROSKIN, including the Board of Directors and Secretariat carry out their work for the Society entirely voluntarily and receive no payment for this.

Founding Members

Dr. A. Beinhauer Centre of Dermatology Buxtehude, DZB, Germany
Prof. Dr. Bernhardt International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, ICNIRP, Germany
Prof. Dr. E. W. Breitbart Centre of Dermatology Buxtehude, DZB, Germany
Mr. A. Ebert German Cancer Aid / Society of Dermatological Prevention, ADP, Germany
Dr. R. Greinert Centre of Dermatology Buxtehude, DZB, Germany
Dr. L. von Karsa Central Research Institute of Ambulatory Health Care, ZI, Germany
Dr. A. McKinlay National Radiological Protection Board, NRPB, UK
Dr. H. Piazena Charité, Germany
Dr. M. Reusch Federal Association of German Dermatologists
Prof. Dr. U. Ringborg Karolinska Institute, Sweden
Dr. S. Rosso Unità di Epidemiologia dei Tumori, Italy
Dr. S. Törnberg Karolinska Institute, Sweden
Dr. B. Volkmer Centre of Dermatology Buxtehude, DZB, Germany

Members & Taskforce

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