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EUROSKIN 5th International Conference:

5th International Conference of the European Society of Skin Cancer Prevention,

„Reducing the Health Risks of Sunbed Use –
Needs for Further European Harmonization of Regulations“
14 - 17 October 2007
Steigenberger Hotel
Hamburg, Germany


In a general discussion at the end of the conference the participants agreed on the following recommedations given by EUROSKIN:


  • The „Code of pratice for artificial tanning“ [128 KB] proposed by EUROSKIN in 2005 will be submitted (in an updated form) to the European Commission as an agreed basis for minimal criteria to be fullfilled for a harmonized regulation of sunbeds and sunbed use in Europe. It is strongly recommended that this regulation should be done on a legal and not a voluntary basis. EUROSKIN recommends that the European Commission encourages governments to formulate and enforce effective laws governing the use of sunbeds.

There is only limited need for some, however, important additions to the “Code of practice for atificial tanning”:

  • In accordance with WHO and ICNIRP the use of sunbeds is not recommended for vitamin D enhancement.
  • It is strongly recommended that any therapeutical use of UV radiation has to be restricted to clinics or medical units under the supervision of a physician.
  • Download the programme (PDF) [64 KB].