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EUROSKIN 6th International Conference:

Workshop on Skin Cancer Screening - Implementation, Burden & Benefits
(lessons from other cancer screenings)
4 – 6 November 2012
Hotel Novotel am Tiergarten
Berlin, Germany

EUROSKIN has organized a number of international conferences and workshops which dealt with sunbeds, UV education at schools, children’s skin, dermato-histopatological standards, the burden of skin cancer, etc. (

Since 2003, EUROSKIN is very much interested in skin cancer screening and has been partly involved in a pilot project (screening of about 360.000 people) in the northern part of Germany (Schleswig-Holstein), which took place in 2003-2004. First results of the project indicate that this kind of screening seems to be successful even in terms of reducing mortality of malignant melanoma, the deadliest type of skin cancer (Breitbart, E.W. et al., JAAD, 2011). The proof of feasibility, produced by the pilot project, led to the introduction of a nation-wide skin cancer screening programme in Germany. From 2008 on 42.000.000 people (> 35 years of age) have the right to be screened every 2 years for skin cancer (malignant melanoma, basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma). To critically observe this programme and to recommend suitable strategies and methods for it’s evaluation, EUROSKIN has introduced an International Task Force on Skin Cancer Screening and Prevention (Geller, A. et al. J. Cancer Epidemiol., 2010) in the year 2008.

EUROSKIN further likes to improve knowledge and experience in skin cancer screening concepts and evaluation by discussing possible strategies in comparison with other screenings or early detection efforts for different cancer entities, including breast, prostate, colon and others. It is the aim and hope of EUROSKIN to generate a platform, where experts in secondary prevention of cancer exchange knowledge and experience in order to learn from each other.

The above conference will present current concepts and strategies for cancer screenings and provide the opportunity to discuss recent developments, ideas for effective screening projects, problems with screening, evaluation of screening and communication strategies.

The number of participants has been limited to max. 50 (!) to allow constructive discussion and work on recommendations which will be formulated during the workshop. They will be placed at the European Commission and at Regulatory Bodies as well as NGO’s in European countries. 

Preliminary Programme

Please click here [93 KB] to find the preliminary programme of the conference.


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